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Get involved! Get Volunteering!

The WAVE Trauma Centre is always looking for volunteers to help with the varied aspects of our work.

Volunteering in WAVE is extensively availed of and volunteers make a strong and diverse contribution to the work of the organisation.
  • Administration
  • Youth work including Mentorship opportunities
  • Befriending
  • Fundraising
  • Driving duties
  • Research/publicity/lobbying
  • Catering
  • General maintenance
  • Internships

WAVE currently has a network of volunteers across the organisation but there is so much more we could do with more help. If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities, please fill out the form below or contact your local centre.

For many individuals, volunteering is about assisting others and developing skills and capacity through engaging in new opportunities.

WAVE Support for volunteers

We support our volunteers every step of the way through our:

  • Volunteer Application pack
  • Induction process
  • Volunteer training e.g. OCN course in Volunteering
  • Volunteer recognition events e.g. award ceremonies

‘Five and a half years after I was bereaved, I came to WAVE and received enormous help, which allowed me to get my life back on track. A year or so later I realised how much my life had been turned around and I wanted to put something back into WAVE. I became a volunteer and would help in the office, Mondays and Thursdays. By doing so, it enables the permanent staff to get on with other work. It gives me the feeling of being useful and starts the week off on the right footing.’

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