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Meet the team

In January 2024, I joined WAVE as an HIA Advocacy Caseworker after previously serving as a Welfare Reform Adviser for Community Advice. In that capacity, I provided comprehensive support to individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse, addiction, homelessness, and those seeking refuge or asylum. My responsibilities encompassed navigating social security benefits, assisting with tribunal appeals, addressing housing issues, offering employment advice, consumer guidance, and providing advocacy services. Before my tenure at Community Advice, I earned my BA (Hons) in International Politics and Conflict Studies from Queens University Belfast, followed by a Master of Science in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice. As an advocacy worker, my primary objective is to assist clients in the legal process of Redress by helping them articulate their 'Statement of Lived Experiences'. I am deeply dedicated to creating a safe and empowering environment for victims/survivors, where their voices are heard, and they can develop resilience. In my role, I aspire to cultivate trust, establish meaningful connections, and empower clients to make informed, positive changes in their lives.